Hard to Recycle Items made Easy

From your door to our local partners

Get Started!

Collect hard-to-recycle items in your Sundown bags


We give you bags to store your batteries, light bulbs, plastic film, and threads. These are your core categories!

These are things we dispose of every day without good recycling or reuse solution.


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Easy pickups from your front door

You don't have to take your bin to the curb. We come to your front door to make sure your stuff finds a new home.

We come to your neighborhood every two weeks, just let us know when you have stuff!

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Feel great about where your stuff goes

Your stuff is recycled or reused by local partners dedicated to wasting less.

Together, Ridwell members save tons from the landfill every year to support our community, keep our oceans clean and build a brighter future.

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