Benefits of having a valet trash company on your property

1. Valet Trash is a driver for revenue!


Lower your operations cost and have your staff focused on the great customer service they provide for your community. Generate income with an amenity residents love.
Here are some in-depth articles about how valet trash can lend boost revenue for your property.



 Ancillary Services are Adding to NOI:


Ancillary Income Can Boost Bottom Line

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Trash Valet Service


Happy to Serve

Uniformed Staff

2. Get Excited about the Planet

      Assist in saving your planet by providing an easy-to-use amenity service. Know your residents' waste is being properly disposed of with SunDown Valet Waste. Celebrate that your complex is participating in change! Many millennials and soon-to-be Gen Z buyers are looking at complexes that offer programs that benefit the environment.

3. Help Out Your Diverse Community 

     The elderly, disabled, working professionals, and/ or millennial all benefit from the convenience of a valet trash amenity service. Rest easy knowing your residents save time and can avoid injury/messes on the way to the dumpsters or chutes with our team present. This amenity is especially beneficial to your residents during times of inclement weather.